Student Grades


ProgressBook is an online management system for parents. Parents can view student averages, assignment details, homework participation, teacher messages, and attendance. ProgressBook allows easy access to contact information, allowing parents and teachers to readily communicate. This system provides parents with 24/7 access to classroom information and student reports.


Camelot Parents

At the beginning of every school year, we send the instructions home with your child on how to login, which will also include the username and password. If you have difficulty logging into ProgressBook, your login information can be retrieved a number of ways: 

    1. If you don't know your username and you updated your account to include an email address, you can use the "Forgot your username?" link above to retrieve your username.
    2. If you know your username, you can use the "Forgot your password?" link above to retrieve your password.
    3. If you misplace the instructions, please alert the child's teacher either by phone or email here. Due to security reasons, we can not share this information over the phone or email, but we will send the instructions home again with your child at the end of the day.