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To volunteer, e-mail [email protected] with "volunteer" in the subject line, or send a note to your child's teacher to pass on to the PTA. Remember in order to volunteer you must complete an Additions volunteer application every year.

PTA Fundraising

Did you know that we have raised over $850.00 for Camelot just by clipping box tops?

Please keep sending in those
box tops from all of your General Mills® Products.

Each label is worth 10¢. This is a quick and easy way to fundraise for our school.


Clip Labels from Campbell's Products
to Help them Learn... find out how!

We Need Your Help!

As parents we all know how ferociously we would fight to protect our children from harm. Well right now, our children's future is in harms way. Florida is already ranked 50th in the nation for education funding, and our schools face budget cuts again this year. Parents, our schools need us to harness that fighting spirit and let Florida lawmakers know that FUNDING EDUCATION MATTERS!